We offer specialised "On the Go Adventures" camps for individuals that have additional support requirements; our camps are fun, exciting and unique which provides participants with a sense of adventure and achievement.

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On the Go Adventures

Supporting our participants to achieve personal goals in an enjoyable and supportive environment while fostering social participation and independence. Each camp provides activities with a focus on independent living skills, social skills and community access.​
Camps are designed with a person centred approach where participants will engage in a variety of skill building activities including teamwork, leadership development and active communication skills to achieve their personal goals.
Locations vary each camp to make the most of the weather, current events and areas of interest for the campers.

Program Goals - Camping Program

  • Attempts or participates in all group recreational activities that are unfamiliar
  • Be able to do more complex independent skills and move towards independent living
  • Be able to do more complex self-care and move towards independent living
  • Develop and Maintain relationships within a group setting and socialise with members of the community
  • Engage in social interactions and general conversations
  • Gain independence in basic independent living skills
  • Gain independence in basic self-care and hygiene
  • Take part in unfamiliar activities with encourages and reassurance.
  • Participation in some group recreational activities that are unfamiliar
  • Valuing and respecting our peers and accepting others opinions

Above are an outline of some goals we believe this program will help you to achieve. If you would like specific goals outside of these we are more than happy to work with you to set, develop and achieve your personal goals.
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