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Social Groups

WRAP Social Groups provides individuals with various opportunities to access the community and embraces a sense of belonging and social connection, with both new and old friends. This fun and interactive program empowers its participants to establish the groups roster and activities, developing independent choices and creativity.
To view our informative 2 page flyer on our WRAP program, click here!
Times: 5.00pm to 8.00pm 
When: Monday to Friday (Options for fortnightly and weekly.) 
Cost: Varies depending on rostered activity

Recreation Days

A monthly weekend recreation day that provides pa​rticipants with opportunities to access their community and participate in a large variety of fun and engaging activities. Recreation Days are a group based program developed to increase social awareness, independent skills and community participation. This program provides great opportunities to create new friendships and gain a broader range of experi​ences through engaging with peers and community inclusion.
Times: 10am to 4pm
When: Saturdays and Sundays, monthly

Adventure Days

Who’s up for an Adventure? Adventure Days is a program designed to provide participants with fun filled, action packed excursions and activities. 
These activities and excursions challenge participants and give them the opportunity of participating in new experiences, all while bring supported in a safe, friendly environment. 
Adventure days provides participants with opportunities to participate in new and exciting activities that focus on skill development, community access and engagement and social awareness. This program provides amazing opportunities to participate in something new and overcome challenges, by gaining a broader range of experiences through engaging with peers and community inclusion.

Program Goals - WRAP - Group Programs

To view our informative 2 page flyer on our WRAP program, click here!

  • ​​​Acknowledging when goods/services need to be paid for 
  • Attempts or participants in all group recreational activities that are unfamiliar
  • Develop and maintain relationships within a group setting and socialise with members of the community
  • Engage in social interactions and general conversations 
  • Making payments for goods/or services 
  • Take part in unfamiliar activities with encouragement and reassurance
  • Participation in some group recreational activities that are unfamiliar 
  • Understanding the correct use of money 
  • Valuing and respecting our peers and accepting others opinions 

Above are an outline of some goals we believe this program will help you to achieve. If you would like specific goals outside of these we are more than happy to work with you to set, develop and achieve your personal goals.

For more information on and see the pre-established goals of our other programs, please click here

Please contact YMCA Whittlesea Disability Services for a quote on (03) 9407 6200 or via email: whittlesea.disabilityservices@ymca.org.au​

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