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Sup​port Coordination

YMCA Whittlesea provides Support Coordination services that assist you to find the right providers with the right services to meet your personal needs. Our role is to work together with you to help put your NDIS plan into action. We are a trusted advisor who can help you to coordinate a range of supports, both funded and mainstream, to ensure you are getting the right services for you. 
Working closely with you and your support network, we are here to assist you to make progress with your goals and aspirations, explore your options for different service providers and develop resilience in your own network and community.
Our Support Coordination service aims to strengthen your ability to undertake tasks associated with the management of your own supports under the NDIS.

How can we help? 
We can support you to:
• Identify services that meet your individual needs 
• Coordinate service providers and support that you choose
• Liaise with government agencies 
• Obtain quotes for services
• Link you into work or other community activities 
• Coordinate health and medical specialists 
• Work with you to help resolve points of crisis
• Implement and monitor your NDIS plan
• Re-develop your goals prior to a plan review

How do I choose YMCA Whittlesea as my Support Coordination Provider? 
This is the easy part!  All you have to do is tell the NDIS planner and they will make contact with us.

YMCA Whittlesea confirms that there is no conflict of interest, with regard to being a Coordinator of Supports and a Service Delivery Provider. We aim to maximise the level of choice and control you have in managing your NDIS plan! View our Conflict of Interest Declaration.​


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