AquaPlay is an aquatic playgroup for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, establishing water familiarization and social interaction through relaxed, fun filled activities. Teachers use a variety of songs, toys and games to stimulate children’s interest and enable them to explore the aquatic environment, whilst providing relevant parent education.

AquaPlay sessions are a non structured, casual entry based class that makes a great first aquatic experience for children and parents alike.

AquaPlay classes are suitable for infants from 6 months - preschool age. Classes are suitable for any parent and child looking for a fun, adventure filled class, regardless of experience in the water. The AquaPlay program is not recommended for infants under 6 months. Parental participation is essential.
Please note: Appropriate swimwear for children is required – standard nappies are not suitable.

AquaPlay classes are an informal class, casual entry based and require no bookings or enrolments. Classes run for 30 minutes and have a maximum of 15 child participants per session.

Contact​​ your local YMCA Whittlesea centre to get started with AquaPlay today!​