​​Creche & Occasional Care

Our Creche & Occasional Care services are run by fully qualified and highly experienced Children's Services professionals that provide your child with a fun, friendly and stimulating envrionment. Activities include art, craft, socialisation and other educational experiences, along with an outdoor play area - you can rest easy knowing that they are safe & happy in our care!

The Creche service is designed for parents that will be using the facility (ie. going for a swim, joining in on a group fitness class or training in the gym). Parents must be in the facility whilst their child is in care, with bookings available up to 2 hours. Parents utilizing the Occasional Care service are able to leave the facility and can book their child in for up to 3 hours. Both services are available to families for a maximum of 10 hours per week.

For service specific information please select a service location below:

Creche & Occasional Care Locations