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The purpose of the YMCA Whittlesea Y-Rehab program is to provide support to the injured client and their medical providers and streamline the process of gaining rehabilitation approval. This in turn decreases the stress that is often experienced when dealing with Worksafe laws, regulations and compliance codes. We understand how difficult the overall client management process can be. This unique support program will provide you with the direct support to streamline all of the requirements.

The YMCA Whittlesea Y-Rehab program is a simple and easy way to gain access to gym/ swim rehabilitation. Our program offers the unique role of a Workcover – TAC specialist who will provide resourcing and support to all parties involved. Our staff are fully qualified health professionals who will be able to assist the client on their road to recovery.

The program includes:
• Standardised functional outcome measures taken over the period of the membership.
• Progress questionnaire.
• Subsequent gym/swim program request.
• Attendance reports.
• 10 visit pass allowing clients to use facilities at other venues.

A range of activities to suit everybody’s needs: gym, group fitness, hydrotherapy, lap pools, spa, sauna and steam room.

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